How to Soothe and Prevent skin Irritation in the age of Face Masks

How to Soothe and Prevent skin Irritation in the age of Face Masks

Skin prone to redness, itchiness and irritation at the best of times?  Chances are that wearing a facemask for more than a few hours can likely cause your skin to flare up — if not just the thought of it. 

Not to worry, there’s still plenty of steps you can take to keep your skin soothed while your facemask keeps you safe.  Whether you struggle with rosacea, eczema or simply sensitive skin, our team have handpicked the best tips, tricks and products to keep flare ups at bay as we march into this new era of everyday mask wearing here in New Zealand.

Cleanse, but don’t over do it!

It can be tempting to cleanse your skin more often than usual when you’ve been wearing a facemask all day — or even for a few hours here and there.  The build up of moisture, the feelings of stickiness, and the irritation from the friction caused by your mask can all add up and leave you—quite literally—itching to wash your face. 

It’s important you don’t over-cleanse.  Sure, you’ll wash away some bacteria, but you’ll also wash away too much of your skin’s precious, natural restorative oils while you’re at it. 

Instead, stick to cleansing once at the end of the day, as normal, but consider cleansing your skin earlier than you usually would to minimise the bacteria build up.  As always, a gentle, natural cleanser works best for this.  Our sister company Salcura’s BioSkin Face Wash is great if you’ve got irritated sensitive skin, and the Antiac Daily is terrific for acne and congested skin.

A spritz of freshness

Spritzing = the easiest and quickest way to feel fresh, and stay on top of soothing your skin.  Especially here in New Zealand with our rather humid weather all year. 

While we’re talking about Salcura, we recommend a spritz of their BioSkin Derma Spray Intensive to keep you feeling fresh during the day.  Better yet, you can get a mini 100ml spray to keep in the car, your handbag, or even your pocket. 

Spritzing with this — or any spray designed to keep bacteria at bay (gently) with ingredients rich in antioxidants, omegas, and ones with soothing properties — under your mask 3-4 times a day is recommended.  Not only will it keep your skin feeling fresh, but the frequent sprays of active ingredients will soothe your skin as the day goes on! 

Keep using your Rosalique Miracle Formula

If you experience flare ups or something out of the usual when wearing a face mask, don’t stress.  Some people go over-the-top with extra washing and cleansing, others let their usual skincare routine fly out the door fearing that it’ll make the flare up worse. What we can tell you is this: keep up what you’re doing. 

The Rosalique Miracle Formula is designed to naturally soothe your skin — after all, our key ingredient is an anti-inflammatory:  Alpha-Bisabolol, from the German Chamomile Plant.  This is supported by a bouquet of other ingredients:  the restoring and lipid-rich glycerin, the healing shea butter, and the hydration-holding urea.  This, plus the long list of other natural ingredients in our Miracle Formula makes it the perfect product to keep irritation at bay, and future-proof it against future flare ups.

If you use our Rosalique Miracle Brush or a sponge to apply your Miracle Formula, do make sure to keep regularly cleaning them!  That way, you’ll be sure you’re limiting the amount of bacteria that gathers there, which then transfers onto your skin and feeds flare-ups. 

Don’t forget behind the ears! 

It’s not just the cheeks, chin, nose and mouth area that can get irritated when wearing your masks.  Behind the ears also happens to be a hotspot for irritated skin! 

So when the straps of your mask chafe a bit too much — reach for your Rosalique Miracle Formula.  Massage a bit just behind your ears, and let it soak in and start soothing. 

For something a little more heavy duty in the moisturising department, we suggest our sister company Salcura’s BioSkin Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser.  Just like the name suggests, it’s packed with minerals, vitamins and omegas to nourish damaged skin and restore it to its former glory! 

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